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Won't you be my neighbor?

BHA Annual Report Houses Graphic with the Brethren Housing Association icon on the side of one building


July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023

Our Mission

Our mission is to help individuals and families, who are experiencing homelessness, achieve their God-given potential by providing a holistic program of stable housing, supportive services, and loving relationships.

More BHA Graphic buildings representing their homes on Hummel in Harrisburg PA


Dear friends and supporters, 

This fiscal year, Brethren Housing Association continued our journey of serving others, investing in our community and neighbors, and providing safe and stable housing to single-parent households. 

It’s hard to believe it’s been more than three years that I have served as Executive Director, and in that time, we’ve experienced such substantial growth – because of you! 

I was drawn to BHA because of the incredible work that was already occurring, and I am proud to have been able to build upon the efforts of those involved with our organization for the  past 34 years. 

We have expanded the number of transitional housing units we have on Hummel Street, created a permanently affordable housing program, and opened our services to single fathers in our community. The results of which have been nothing short of incredible. 

This year, we focused on the concept of neighboring and drew inspiration from Mr. Rogers who asked us and our children to reconsider our understanding of what it meant to be a good neighbor. He challenged us to expand not only who we identified as our neighbor, but our obligation to practice the art of neighboring.  

Neighboring isn’t just political or even ethical, it’s spiritual. At BHA, we have taken very seriously our role of loving and serving others as Jesus did. 

I believe the outcomes of our program are the result of those actions. Our approach to addressing homelessness is working. Our transitional housing helps participants leave homelessness behind and access the resources they need to thrive. They experience the support of a village that many have never had before. 

This year’s accomplishments remind me that this work requires collaboration on all fronts – from our donors, church supporters, employees, participants, foundation and government partners, and volunteers.  

Thank you for allowing me to be on this journey with you. I continue to be inspired and energized for what is to come.




Kait Gillis-Hanna
BHA Executive Director

Kait Gillis-Hanna Headshot
Mister Fred Rogers Headshot
“It’s not so much what we have in this life that matters. It’s what we do with what we have.”

Mister Fred Rogers

From Our Board Chair

Mr. Rogers said “It’s not so much what we have in this life that matters. It’s what we do with what we have.” We are grateful that so many people have chosen to support BHA and the families we serve. We do not take this responsibility lightly. 

As you will see in this report, BHA is doing our best to ensure every dollar you entrust to us is used efficiently and effectively to provide long-term stability to families currently experiencing homelessness.

During this fiscal year, we continued to streamline our operations to serve more families. We have solidified a 30-day turnover policy so that when one family graduates, we take no more than thirty days to get the unit ready for the next family. Because of this policy, in FY22-23, BHA had an 80% occupancy rate and provided 5,269 days of care.

BHA is also committed to stewarding every dollar we are given wisely. During FY22-23, 86 cents of every dollar was used to provide direct programming – the highest in BHA’s 33-year history. We are also recognized as a “4 Star Charity” on Charity Navigator, an independent source that has determined that BHA exceeds or meets best practices and industry standards within our organization and that we are a highly effective charity. 

I’m thankful that I have had the opportunity to continue my time as BHA’s Board Chair; witnessing the continued success of the organization is a source of joy and pride because I know that organizational success is equivalent to serving more families experiencing homelessness.

Brent Smith Headshot




Brent Smith
BHA Board of Directors

Our Participants

BHA’s participants come to us with challenges that threaten the safety and stability of their families. Many participants have extensive histories of trauma; come from families affected by generational poverty and systemic racism; and have limited experience living in stable, permanent housing - thus making it difficult to provide that to their own children.


During FY22-23, our participant demographics included the following:

have a mental health diagnosis


have survived domestic violence

have a criminal record

have a history of drug and alcohol abuse

average monthly income at intake

children per adult in our programs


average age of our participants


average days our graduates spend with us

Our participants also come to us with the hope that they can provide a different life for their family. During their time at BHA, participants participate in Life Skills classes, attend Job Club, and work diligently with their Family Advocate to get connected with community resources that will help to ensure long-term financial, physical, and emotional stability for their families. 

Infographic of our participants race for our 2022-2023 fiscal year showing 6 biracial (15%), 28 Black (68%), and 7 White (17%)
Cute little houses graphic

During FY22-23, participants accomplished the following:


• Obtained their driver’s license
• Improved employment
• Secured permanent housing
• Received a promotion
• Worked toward a degree

Our Programs

A Different Approach with a Better Outcome

Transitions is a bridge housing program for women with children experiencing homelessness. The Transitions Program provides housing and supportive services that bridge the gap from homelessness to stability. Families work closely with their Family Advocates to receive comprehensive services that equip single mothers to live independently while gaining the skills and resources to maintain their own permanent housing. 

Transitions Youth Program
Children at BHA can attend a weekly youth program focused on building resiliency. In addition, BHA’s Youth Coordinator conducts emotional and developmental assessments on all children ages five and younger and works with the mother to educate her on developmental stages and provide referrals to community resources if needed.

Side-By-Side provides permanent housing for persons who have a disability and are experiencing homelessness. BHA leases housing in the community for individuals and/or families to reside in while they work to increase their stability. 

Single Father Pilot
BHA launched its single father pilot in December 2022 with the acceptance of our first single father. The creation of this program, which we model after our Transitions program, was the result of community discussion surrounding the need for transitional housing for single-father-led households – and BHA decided to take this population on, as we serve our families in independent, individual units (aka no shared space). 

Photo of Arnold, our first single dad in our Transitions Program

Our first single dad in our Transitions Program

At BHA, we treat each participant with grace and dignity. We connect people with the resources they need to regain or maintain housing stability, for good.

Four little flowers to match the neighborhood design

Our Impact

During FY22-23, 86 cents of every dollar directly served the families at BHA.



Individual People Served

  • 41 adults 

  • 87 children

Total Numbers Served

  • 128 individuals 

  • 41 families

54% of participants maintained or increased their income at discharge:

  • 9 participants increased their income

  • 6 participants maintained their income

  • 3 participants decreased their income while in the program due to loss of employment or cash benefits

  • 2 participants had no income coming into the program and no income at discharge

75% of participants successfully completed the program and obtained housing at program exit.

Supportive Services

  • 28 life skills classes were offered (Due to the lack of youth program volunteers, BHA was unable to hold in-person group sessions for several weeks this year.)

  • 100% of participants were connected to entitlement benefits they were not receiving at entry (cash, SNAP, medical insurance, SSI, childcare assistance, etc.)

  • 96% of participants were connected to community resources for their family stability (Dress for Success, Diaper Bank, MH counseling, D&A counseling, etc.)

  • 77% of participants completed a budgeting program while at BHA

Transitions Youth Program


Of the 87 children in the Transitions Program, 64 participated in the Youth Program.


Some of the children in the family did not attend the Youth Program because they were older teenagers or were not living full-time on BHA property with their family or did not require the childcare the Youth Program provides during Life Skills Support Group.

  • 100% of youth demonstrated competency in skill-building activities

  • 91% of youth demonstrated competency in conflict resolution activities

  • 91% of youth demonstrated competency in self-regulation activities



Individual People Served

  • 9 adults

  • 5 children

  • 5 households

  • 100% of participants maintained housing for at least 6 months

  • 100% of participants maintained or increased income while in Next Steps

  • 83% of participants accomplished at least one goal by a year in the program

Next Steps

Next Steps is an aftercare program for families who have completed BHA’s other housing programs. Families receive one year of follow-up case management to help them maintain housing and continue to work on other personal goals. 

Individual People Served

  • 3 adults

  • 9 children

  • 3 families

  • 100% of participants maintained housing while in Next Steps.

  • 67% of participants maintained or increased income while in Next Steps.

  • 79% of former participants (FY21-22) maintained housing for one year after exiting the program.


Individuals and  
Small Businesses

Foundations and






(CYS, HUD, etc.) 




Income (net)


Events (net)

Program Fees

Occupancy Fees


Total Revenue














Program Services


Supporting Services:

Management and General   


Total Expenses









One of our sweet little kids holding a book who participated in our Youth Transitions Program
A volunteer for BHA smiling with his arms folded

We can work to make a difference right where we are. 

Brethren Housing Association is able to do the work we do and reach the number of families we reach because of the dedication of our volunteers. Whether it’s furnishing an apartment to make a family feel at home, helping to plan our Annual Celebration, working to upkeep our properties, serving on our boards and committees, or helping with our youth program – our volunteers are showing what it truly means to be a neighbor. 

330 individuals dedicated their time to support BHA! The 2,662 hours donated equated to $84,651.

Are you ready to help?

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