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Safety. Peace. Refuge.

A home is more than just a building. It is a place of safety, peace and refuge. Unfortunately, there are families in our community who do not have a place to call home. Families experiencing homelessness live in constant fear and uncertainty. For BHA, the answer is simple: once a family has a safe place to live, they can work to change their lives.

Home of Their Own

For many of our participants, BHA is the first time they have felt safe and supported in a home of their own. Most of our participants come to us with very few belongings, and no one has ever arrived with their furniture and treasures packed into a U-Haul. So how do families start the Transitions Program with a home full of the things they will need to begin their new life? Through our Adopt-An-Apartment Program!

Creative Love

The Adopt-An-Apartment program is an important piece to a participant’s stay at BHA. Volunteers (whether they are from a church, community group, family, or corporation) commit to cleaning and furnishing an empty apartment before a new family moves in. Volunteers have the opportunity to personalize the apartment and make it a home for the incoming family. After graduation from the Transitions Program, families can take the furniture with them to their new permanent housing - eliminating the expense of having to furnish their new home.

For more information on adopting an apartment, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Blair Grove, at or 717-233-6016.

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