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Side-By-Side Program

Permanent Housing

The Side-By-Side Program is a permanent housing program for persons who have a disability and are experiencing homelessness. Documentation of homelessness and disability are required for application to this program. The program capacity is five family units.

Qualifying individuals and families are assisted to find an apartment in the community. Funding from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) provides for the rental of these units over the long-term as there is no time limit on the program.

Finding Stability

Our Side-By-Side Coordinator works with each family to develop and implement a goal plan designed to:

  • Ensure financial and housing stability

  • Maintain and/or increase income and skills

  • Achieve greater self-determination

Should a Side-By-Side participant achieve independence or obtain other permanent housing, our Next Steps Program will provide follow-up contact and support.

For more information, contact Side-By-Side Program Coordinator, Ella O’Bell, at 717.233.6016 or

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