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Transitions Youth Program

Mom and Children

Our Youth Program Coordinator meets with each mother when the family enters the program to discuss concerns the mother may have related to her child’s development and determine if additional support is required. The Youth Program Coordinator conducts developmental assessments for newborns through five years old and refers to appropriate intervention services as needed.


For pre-teen or teen youth, the Coordinator will meet one-on-one to develop a supportive relationship and connect them with after-school and summer programs in the community.

Weekly Youth Program

The Youth Program Coordinator organizes and runs a weekly program. Activities are developed based on age groups and focus on themes such as arts and crafts, food, gardening, and health/fitness. Activities are intended to encourage self-esteem and support the children as they are developing self-regulation and conflict resolution skills.

An Emphasis on Safety
and Resiliency

Homeless youth face trauma and instability at an early age. The main keys to overcoming such trauma are developing safety and resiliency.


Safety is the number one requisite for trauma-informed care, regardless of age. However, with younger children, this translates to consistency in care with much greater emphasis on simplicity in programming rather than stimulation and/or intensive learning goals. Once in place, it allows for subsequent programming to carefully address learning needs.


Resiliency is the inner strength, skills, and character needed to weather difficult times and stand strong in the face of adversity. Building character and life skills in at-risk youth is vital for them to navigate the challenges that lie ahead. For young children, this translates to an emphasis first on role-modeling and second, actual limited instruction.

If you are interested in volunteering with the Transitions Program, contact Blair Grove, Volunteer and Youth Program Coordinator, at 717-233-6016 or

All volunteers working in the Transitions Youth Program are required to have clearances.

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